Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Training...your #1 get fit tool!

I hear this ALL the time..."I don't want to weight train, I will get bulky like a man". PSHH Weight training is the best way to reduce fat and burn more fat, lean out, and promote permanent weight loss. Studies show women do not have the natural ability to bulk like man and when weight training is done correctly a woman can build a sleek, toned and leaned out body. We all gawk at the stars and models we find oh so perfect...but guess what people I am guaranteeing you they are weight train in some form. There is a big difference between being skinny and being thin, toned, and "fit" looking. Weight training strengthens the joints and promotes perfect posture. When just beginning a weight loss journey, nothing will jump start fat loss and inches off that waist like weight training will. However, yes you do need to pair it with consistent cardio as well; for cardio is weight training's best friend and wing man! They work together to promote overall powerful results. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn and cardio is what is going to then in return jump start your engine and burn the fat; ultimately revealing that leaned out look we all want! I researched from one of my favorite fitness sources, Oxygen magazine and have included the following benefits and truths about weight training.

While cardiovascular exercise is a great way of burning the fat, adding a little strength training to your workouts will earn you extra calories every day. You'll even be burning extra calories while you're sleeping or sitting on the couch watching Eastenders.

Aerobic exercise may burn a few hundred extra calories for dinner, but for every additional pound of muscle you gain, your body burns around 50 extra calories every day of the week.

Research has shown that regular resistance training can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate by up to 15%. So for someone burning 2000 calories per day, that's a potential 300 extra calories, more than a Mars bar, burned every single day.

Do not be disheartened if initially you seem to be staying at the same weight or gaining slightly.

Muscle weighs more per square inch than fat, so whilst your weight might not be dropping very quickly, your clothes are feeling baggier and you are seeing a healthier, slimmer and better toned you in the mirror. That's far more important than anything those nasty scales have to say, any time.

Over the course of your sessions, use exercises that work all the muscle groups and do 8-12 repetitions. However I prefer to do high rep to really lean me out. I use a weight I can do 20 reps with and I do three sets of each exercise with this. I also have days where i solely concentrate on upper body and then some for lower body strength training. Most important I do some days that are full body strengthening and use my own body weight in body weight exercises. Be sure to use a suitable weight so that the last rep really feels like hard work. Don't overdo it and make sure that you leave a day or two to recover in between sessions. Muscles grow while resting, so pushing yourself as hard as you can seven days a week won't do you any favours.
Have a fun and active day -Megan =)....oh and soon to come body weight exercise ideas

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  1. This is a great post - people unfortunately do not 'get' the great benefits of weight training. Lots of cardio to be had in weight training itself - while anaerobic -normally, can certainly make you sweat.
    I defy you to do a full set of squats and/or deadlifts and not feel like you have just ran a mile.